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What is PlayN?

The basics

In use in the wild!

Why do you need it?

What's the problem?

Isn't HTML5 supposed to solve this?

OK, but why Java?

Box2D for Physics

Demo Source:

What's so cool about GWT?

Where's the HTML5?

How does it work?

PlayN API Structure

API concept

Components of PlayN

The Game Loop

public class MyGame implements Game {
  public void init() {
    // initialize game.
  public void update(float delta) {
    // update world.
  public void paint(float alpha) {
    // render world.


// Resize to the available resolution on the current device.
// Keep the same aspect ratio.
float sx = graphics().screenWidth() / (float) WIDTH;
float sy = graphics().screenHeight() / (float) HEIGHT;

// Fit to the available screen without stretching.
graphics().rootLayer().setScale(Math.min(sx, sy));

Drawing API

Layer system

Layer types


// Clear the surface.

// Draw an image into the surface.
surface.drawImage(myImage, x, y);
// Draw a scaled subsection of the source image into the surface.
surface.drawImage(image, dx, dy, dw, dh, sx, sy, sw, sh);

Image fragments




canvas.setFillColor(Color.rgb(100, 255, 0));
canvas.fillCircle(x, y, r);
canvas.fillRect(x, y, w, h);
canvas.drawImage(myImage, x, y);
canvas.drawText("Hello text!", x, y);
canvas.drawLine(x0, y0, x1, y1);

Layers recap

Layer strategy example

Layer strategy example

Transforms and surfaces

// Like OpenGL push.;
surface.translate(p.x, p.y);	
// Draw something at transformed coordinates!

// Like OpenGL pop.

IO System: Platform Abstractions

Most general screen event
Works everywhere Left, right, mid buttons & wheel

IO System

pointer().setListener(new Pointer.Adapter() {
  public void onPointerStart(Pointer.Event event) {
    // Handle mouse down event.
  // ...Same pattern for onPointerEnd, onPointerDrag

keyboard().setListener(new Keyboard.Adapter() {
  public void onKeyDown(Event event) {
    // Handle key down event.
  // ... Same pattern for onKeyUp

Cross platform input

import static playn.core.PlayN.platformType;
if (platformType().equals(Platform.Type.ANDROID)) {
  touch().setListener(new Touch.Adapter() {			
    public void onTouchStart(Event[] touches) {
      // Process touch events into a zoom start position.
    public void onTouchMove(Event[] touches) {
      // Update zoom based on touches.

Asset Management

public interface AssetManager {

  Image getImage(String path);
  Sound getSound(String path);
  void getText(String path, ResourceCallback callback);
  boolean isDone();
  int getPendingRequestCount();

Loading Images

// Ask the Asset Manager to create a new image.
Image image = assetManager().getImage("myImage.png");

// Specify an onLoaded callback.
image.addCallback(new ResourceCallback() {
  public void done(Image image) {
    // handle new image.
// To draw the image that was loaded, render it to a layer.
mySurfaceLayer.surface().drawImage(image, x, y);

Asset Watchers

AssetWatcher watcher = new AssetWatcher(new Listener() {
  public void done() {

// Add assets to check.
// ...

// Start the watching now.


public interface Sound {
  boolean play();
  void stop();
  void setLooping(boolean looping);
  void setVolume(float volume);
  boolean isPlaying();

Saving data


/** Abstraction for Storage across platforms. */
public interface Storage {

  public void setItem(String key, String data);
  public void removeItem(String key);
  public String getItem(String key);

  // Returns true if the Storage data will be persisted across restarts.
  public boolean isPersisted();

JSON loading

PlayN.assetManager().getText(JSON_FILE, new ResourceCallback() {
  public void done(String resource) {
    Json.Object json = PlayN.json().parse(resource);
    Json.Array myArray = json.getArray("myArray");
    int myInt = json.getInt("myInt");

  public void error(Throwable err) {
    PlayN.log().error("Failed to load: " + err.getMessage());

JSON saving

Writer writer = PlayN.json().newWriter();


for (String s : arrayOfStringParams) {

String output = writer.write();	

Where are we now?

Cross Platform Magic! (Java, HTML5)

public class MyGameJava {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    JavaAssetManager assets = JavaPlatform.register().assetManager();	
    assets.setPathPrefix("src/myGame/resources"); MyGame());
public class MyGameHtml extends HtmlGame {
  public void start() {
    HtmlAssetManager assets = HtmlPlatform.register().assetManager();
    assets.setPathPrefix("myGame/"); MyGame());

More Cross Platform Magic! (Android, Flash)

public class MyGameAndroid {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    AndroidPlatform.register(); MyGame());
public class MyGameFlash {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    FlashPlatform.register(); MyGame());

Monetization and Distribution

In-App Payments

In-App Payments Code

private InAppPayments inappPayments = InAppPaymentsFactory.payments();
PurchaseRequest request = new PurchaseRequest.Impl("Gold Star", ...);

inappPayments.encodeJWT(request, new InAppPayments.EncodeJWTCallback() {
  public void successHandler(String JWT) {
    purchaseJWT = JWT;

inappPayments.setCallback(new InAppPayments.Adapter() {
  public void successHandler(PurchaseResponse result) {
    PlayN.log().info("Congratulations! You've bought a product!");

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